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Community Groups are small groups of approximately 10 people who meet together once a week. They exist to help us apply God’s words to our real-life situations, and to share life with one and other.



Community groups are a great way to get to know other people at church, whilst learning more about God. Whether you’ve been a Christian for decades or you’re just looking into the Christian faith for the first time, there’s a group for you! There are specific groups for women, students, retirees and then a variety of groups with a real mixture of people. 



Most Community Groups meet in someone's house or at church. Groups may share food together or simply start with a cuppa and a chat before spending some time studying the Bible and praying together. Our hope is that by getting to know a few people really well, we can then better support and pray for each other throughout the week.




We have a number of different groups that meet throughout the week. Some meet in our church building, others meet in people's homes.

The best way to find the community group that's right for you is to drop Henry, our Assistant Minister, an email and he will point you in the right direction!

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