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At St Clement's, we believe that the Bible is the word of God. Therefore, we are convinced that reading the Bible regularly is both a privilege and necessity. 

Unsure where to begin? Paul, our vicar, shares some thoughts on one of his favourite reading plans below. 

Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan

A number of years ago I began to read through the Bible using the Murray McCheyne Bible reading plan.


The plan is divided into four sections that usually covers four chapters of the Bible a day. Over the course of a year it covers the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. My recommendation is to use the plan over two years. That requires reading 2 chapters a day. This only takes 6-7 minutes. 

Don Carson has written a daily reflection to accompany the reading plan. This can be helpful especially for some of the chapters in the Old Testament that we are less familiar with.








The great benefit of reading through the Bible like this is that it will increase our understanding of our salvation, renew our minds in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and help us grow as Christians. Another benefit of us all using the same reading plan is that we can discuss what we read with one another. Will you join me in reading through the Bible together this year?


Other Bible Reading Resources

Got questions or need inspiration? Below is a link to a helpful article about reading the Bible written to encourage and inspire. It also answers some FAQs and has links to other reading plans as well as a written and video summary of every book in the Bible. 

Explore Bible Reading notes

We have always recommended the Explore Bible Reading notes as an alternative option for regular Bible reading. You can take a look at them using the link below. 


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