Church Weekend Away 2019

150 members of our church family went to Shropshire for the weekend at the beginning of February.

Adults and children enjoyed fellowship over meals, games and a bonfire as well as prayer and teaching.

The adults were taken through the book of Lamentations in a series called ‘Grief In The Ruins’. Chris Lowe led the sessions on bitter weeping, merciless anger, steadfast love and pleading prayer, asking: ‘When you cry, will you cry to the Lord? and ‘Is there any hope for us to cling to?’.

If you missed the weekend or any of the sessions, you can catch-up on the Sermon page.

Victoria Snell, who went, said:

“The Weekend in Quinta did exactly as I’d hoped – it futher strengthened my relationship with God and my church family.

“It also did something I wasn’t expecting.

“Studying Lamentations with people who I trust and love has helped me understand where my relationship with grief and God could and should be.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and everyone’s support. I’m already looking forward to next year.”

The children were also taken through the book of Lamentations, by a team of volunteers. They memorised Lamentations chapter 3 verse 25 and, the song, One Thing Remains which they performed, with the help of Caroline and her trumpet, on Sunday morning.

The breakfasts, lunches and dinners were prepared by members of our church family and friends, who were thanked for their efforts by a Gill Jump led singalong after Sunday lunch.

More than 30 people took part in the party games Mafia and Silent Football, which saw several players handed funny forfeits e.g. performing Ring A Ring O’Roses for being unable to stop talking or contain their laughter.

There was also a Ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance event for all ages) on Saturday night, led by members of our band. 

Our Church Weekend Away is an annual event so keep your eyes on our Community Life sheets if you want to come next year.