Vision & Values

Our vision is to spread a passion for Jesus Christ in Manchester, the UK and the world.

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We are a vibrant and diverse church family centred on the good news of Jesus Christ, who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are passionately and prayerfully pursuing God and seeking to serve others.

Passion for God

God is more valuable to us than anything else and therefore we seek to pursue him.

God changes lives

He gives us a new identity. An identity grounded in the knowledge that we are more sinful and broken than we ever believed but more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we could possibly imagine. This frees us to welcome those we would naturally shun and to break the chains of any sin or desire, no matter how good, that used to control our lives.


Our loving relationship with God forms us into a new community, the church. We seek to be a local church in the city who care for each other as family. We are a diverse church consisting of people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, personalities united in Jesus Christ. Basing our lives on the good news of Jesus Christ in the Bible we want to be a people characterised by love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness and self-control.


Empowered by God's Spirit we seek to serve our neighbours whoever they are. We do this by using our gifts and resources to meet the needs of others and by working for justice for the powerless.


Knowing God's love for us in Jesus Christ we seek to spread a passion for him that other people might enjoy knowing that same acceptance and love and forgiveness which we enjoy.